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Each client is unique. Here at Blackford Law Office we strive to know you so we can assist you with your individual legal problems. We care about the person not just the case. Our services reflect and respond to each clients needs and are carefully planned so you get the best results. With more than 29 years of experience in the practice of law Blackford Law Office has your legal matters well in hand. 

"we care for the person not just the case."

"Great lawyer!  Helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.  I was assisting some family members with legal matters and they needed things explained to them in very simple terms.  She was very good and patient with them. She seemed to genuinely care for them and helped them with their bankruptcy.  She explained the differences between bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13, gave them a packet of information, laid out a simple timeline, explained what they needed to gather and how to organize everything.  She was very reasonably priced and up front with all fees." 

          -- Julie Poe

"Pleasure to work with!."

          -- Drew Schraam

We offer a range of legal services, all designed to help you gain the best results. Whether you're looking to update your will, plan your estate or reorganize your debt we are here for you.